Practice Universal Serenity

Is Universal Serenity really attainable?

We have to answer this question with a resounding YES! Otherwise, this website would not make too much sense, would it?

But with all your current struggles and challenges in life, how could it be possible to reach a state in which you would feel total serenity regardless of your external conditions? The answer is – practice.


Take a bodybuilder: He might start out as an average guy, with the one difference being that he has the drive to transform his body into this machine of muscles and tendons. So, he starts practicing. He probably will have to practice for several years before he reaches his goal, but the main point is that he makes his decision and then STARTS!

That is step number one – a step without which none of the other steps will happen. Then he takes the next step, which is pretty much the same as the first. Then the third, fourth, and so on. At one point he actually might stop counting and just do his exercises. Obviously, he has to see some progress toward his goal to be able to do so.

And then he reaches his goal.

It is the same if you intend to reach a mental or spiritual state that initially seems unreachable, but – if divided into smaller steps – starting with the very first – you WILL reach that goal, as long as you stay with it. Again, you will need some form of intermediate success to keep you going.

Within ‘Universal Serenity’ you will find the exercises to make your first step and keep taking the following steps to reach that goal. The successes you will experience on the way will be spectacular but don’t worry, you will get used to it.

We wanted to get this site going as soon as possible, so you have arrived here before it is actually complete, but you can still get in touch with us, to get on the mailing list and maybe just ask some questions you might have.

We are working diligently to get this site done, so please stick with us and we’ll talk soon!

Peace and Serenity